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Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.    Matthew 6:33



All at 6.30 pm


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Evening Worship

Mr Charles deLacy, Communion


Evening Worship

Rev. Jenny Haggar, Ipswich


Evening Worship

Rev. Adrian Burr, Stambourne


Evening Worship

Mrs. Norma Huxter, Halstead





Evening Worship

Rev. Jenny Haggar, Ipswich



Remembrance Sunday @

Village Hall

10.45am at Village Hall,

Mr. Charles deLacy & uniformed Organisations



Evening Worship

Rev. Jenny Haggar, Ipswich



Evening Worship

Mrs. Norma Huxter, Halstead





What’s On in OCTOBER

Sun 3rd    Request Sunday – Choose a favourite hymn or Bible Reading 6.30pm

Tues 5th           Prayer in vestry                                               09.45-10.00

                Coffee & Chat                                                  10.30-12.00

Thurs 7th Knit and Natter                                               10.00-12.00

 Sat. 9th Church Meeting, please come and share your thoughts and ideas as we look ahead.                            10.00 am

Sun 10th Evening Worship & Communion – Charles deLacy     6.30pm

Tues 12th Prayer in vestry                                               09.45-10.00

                Coffee & Chat, craft theme, Poppies               10.30-12.00

Thus 14th Knit & Natter                                                   10.00-12.00

Sun 17th   Evening Worship – 6.30pm - Rev. Jenny Haggar

Tues 19th Prayer in vestry                                               09.45-10.00

                Coffee & Chat                                                  10.30-12.00

Thurs  21st       Knit and Natter                                       10.99-12.00

Sun 24th Evening Worship – 6.30 pm – Rev. Adrian Burr

Tues 26th         Prayer in vestry                                               09.45-12.00

                Coffee & Chat                                                  10.30-12.00

Thurs 28th       Knit & Natter                                           10.00-12.00

Sun 31st Evening Worship      - 6.30pm – Mrs. Norma Huxter

Heads Up on a couple of important dates.


Sat 6th Bonfire Night – The Church & Guide Group invites us to a social evening  enjoying the bonfire, sparklers for the children. Soup & hotdogs etc… Plans are not yet fully in place yet…watch this space.

Sun 14th   Remembrance Sunday, the service will take place at the Village Hall at 10.45 and led by Mr. Charles deLacy with help from the uniformed organisations. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion and the Poppy.

‘We Will Remember Them’



Hello, I hope you are all doing okay? We’re now well into a new season, schools are back in full swing, and soon the mornings will be crisp and autumnal. As I write this we are enjoying some late summer warmth and sunshine and I love it! But yes, it will all too soon change no doubt. Can I say how lovely it has been starting our services again and seeing so many of you, plus some old friends that have come along to support us as a fellowship. On Sunday we celebrated the Harvest Thanksgiving service. It was wonderful to see so many at both our Family Parade and Harvest Songs of Praise. The church was so beautifully decorated with all the magnificent gifts that people had donated, thank you ALL. You have been very generous. Janet Hull from the charity Homestart  collected

them this morning and was thrilled and amazed at how much food had been donated. She was going straight out with some of the food to Witham families.

I also gave her a cheque for £150.00 from the offering towards their charity. This charity works with local families who are in crisis or need support. We have supported them for many years and know how much wonderful work they do. Can I also thank everyone who came to help decorate on Saturday and for Carol who led the family service . This was a real treat, we even had a‘Flying Pizza’!!! Those of you who didn’t make it, missed out. We enjoyed coffee and cake in the morning and bread cheese and cakes in the evening. I have so many people to thank in this newsletter. We are overwhelmed by how generous people are with their time and money. Firstly I must thank Pam in Witham, she has donated some very useful garden implements to the church. They are being kept in the garage, so nice and handy for us to grab them. As you know Martin our gardener keeps all the grass cut at a very reasonable rate, too for which we are very thankful. Anyone that has walked by the church or been around the back will have noticed that the big hedge that runs along the alleyway has been cut right back. We have to say a massive thank you to Daphne, John and Duncan. This was a mammoth task! Daphne on leaving Coffee and Chat one morning said she would cut it. I argued and said it was too big a job! Her words were she would love to do it, “I love gardening she said‼” Anyway to cut a very long story short, Daphne got John to help and then, Duncan next door came to the rescue with his huge hedge cutter so they managed to do the whole job that afternoon!!!  We are very much in their debt and the church has given them a small token of our appreciation. Duncan already cuts the front hedge and keeps an eye out for the children who love to push each other into it and flatten it. But that is not all! The Guide Group have been clearing the very back of the church grounds and you would be amazed at the amount of undergrowth they have cleared, hence we are planning a bonfire around bonfire night to clear it. The date has been decided as 6th November. More details will follow.

Coffee & Chat is going great, it is such a jolly, some might say noisy atmosphere. It has been great to see some new faces come along. The last two Tuesdays we did something a little different with our Heritage Week having to look at a few old relics (Not Us!) to decide which didn’t belong on the table. Last week we had a Harvest theme with bread/crackers cheese home grown tomatoes and cucumber. Our bread was made by David. David lives in Witham and has started to come along, thanks to Shelia and Trevor. He is a fantastic baker. We are all sampling his handiwork and he made the church’s Harvest Loaves too. David is making gluten free bread for some of our friends who are on strict diets, so he is being kept very busy. The whole morning is absolutely great. Denise and Mandy have everything efficiently organised and nobody wants to go home at midday‼


NEED INFORMATION? Listed below are some helpful numbers

                                      CHURCH CONTACTS

Church Open             Tuesday                               10.00 – 12 noon

Coffee & Chat            Tuesday                               10.30 - 12 noon

Church Secretary & 

Enquiries                    Mrs. J. Bartlett                                 Tel. 01376 561959

Church Treasurer      Mrs. Sharon Gray               Tel 01376 583913

Church Telephone No.       01376 584306       Post Code CM8 3QF (Silver Street)

                        Silver End Guiding Group        Contact Mrs. Carol Hutchings 07857 663959

2nd     Rainbows & Guides       Mon

2nd     Brownies                       Tues.

Rangers                                  Friday

Tues. Silver Swans 11-12  Contact Gemma 07597649240

Wed.                 Carolyn’s Dance Group - Disco/Street Dance Contact Harriet 07855014717

Thurs. SILVER TOTS (Baby & Toddler Group) meets Thursday Mornings at 9.45am

Contact Nikki Benjamin 07809 761902 (Term time)

Thurs. Knit & Natter Thursday 10.00 – 12 noon    Contact  Barbara 01376 585467

                          SCOUT GROUP                    Contact Denise Sullens-Smith 583055




Thank you to the individuals who have made very generous monetary donations to the church. Thank you all very much.

Prayers So many of our friends and neighbours in need of prayer. As we get older things obviously don’t work so well, we suffer pain, discomfort, mobility, depression, and loneliness. We would especially remember Malcolm, Judy, Pam in Witham, Val, Brenda, Roy, Shelia and Derek and Stuart.

Please pray for our Church Meeting, we ask God Blessing and leadership. We pray for the Homestart Charity and the families they reach out to help. We pray for our Farmers who grow our food, for Lorry Drivers who transport food and goods around the Country. We do take so much for granted. Father forgive us.

Let us with a gladsome mind praise the LORD, FOR He is kind; For His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure.

We pray for our village, giving thanks for this community and the amenities we have living here. Remember the other churches in our village as well as the Congregational Church. We give thanks for one another. We especially, would pray for Rev. Paul Watkin who will be leaving our village to take up a post in Yorkshire. He has been a great support to this fellowship for many years.

We pray for the people in Afghanistan, especially those whose lives are in danger by the Taliban . We pray for those on the Canary Island affected by the volcano. What a sight, such power behind the hot molten rock pushed up into the air, so terrifying for all living there. It is amazing that no one has lost their life. Now an earthquake in Crete! We pray for all who live in fear, brought on by what we hear and read. Supermarket shelves bare, Panic buying! No lorry drivers, No fuel! We do wonder what is happening to our wonderful earth. But fear not, we do know who holds the future, God!