Minister Emeritus Rev. J. D. Parker

Licensed for Weddings, Baptisms and Dedications


 “But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations”                                         Psalm 33:11

Sunday Service Times
10 am and 6.30 pm

Church Open                   Tuesday          10.00-11.45 – Closed Aug                     

Coffee ‘n Chat                Tuesday          10.30-11.45 – Closed Aug                     

T @ 3 Group                   1st Wed in Month          Contact Brenda 583896 

Singing Group Practise   Friday             7.45pm             Contact Sharon 583913

Church Secretary             Mrs. Anne Smith Tel 583338- Any enquiries

Church Treasurer             Mrs. Sharon Gray Tel 583913

Church Telephone No.     584306 - Post Code CM8 3QF (Silver Street)

The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

 Psalm 145:18







Join with St. Francis 9.30am

Mr. Dexter Slatter, Colchester. Communion



Join with St. Francis 9.30am

Rev. Malcolm Boulter,




Join with St. Francis 9.30am

Combined Service HERE with St. Francis & St. Mary’s

Rev. Paul Watkin



Mr. & Mrs. J Wise


Mrs. Norma Huxter,




St. Mary’s Rivenhall-

Rev. Val Drury

Mr. Charles deLacy


Tues 4thd         Prayer & Share                                     10.00-10.30

                        Coffee & Chat                                      10.30-11.45

Wed 5th d        OPEN BOOK                                          10.00-11.30

                        Tea @ 3                        Afternoon Tea at Cressing Temple

Tues 11th          Prayer & Share                                     10.00-10.30

                        Coffee & Chat                                      10.30-11.45

Wed 12th          OPEN BOOK                                          10.00-11.30

Sun 16th           Combined Service here 6.30pm with our friends from St. Francis & St. Mary’s Rivenhall. Rev. Paul Watkin

                Please note below

Tues 18th          Prayer & Share                                     10.00-10.30

                        Coffee & Chat                                      10.00-11.45

                THIS IS THE LAST ONE – RE-START Sept. 5th

                Coffee and chat will continue at Valentine House on Tues.

Wed 19th          NO OPEN BOOK –            

Wed 26th         NO OPEN BOOK                      

Sun 30th       11am Combined Service at St. Mary’s Rivenhall, Rev. Val Drury. If you would like a lift please let us know.

August - Holiday month.  Time for us all to rest and relax. Time for renewing, thinking and praying for this fellowship. Time to pray for this village and one another.

SEPTEMBER forward notice

Tues 5th           Prayer & Share                                     10.00-10.30

                        Coffee & Chat                                      10.30-11.45

Wed 6th           NO OPEN BOOK

Wed 6th           Tea @ 3            Life on the Road – Peter King.-His experiences as an actor.

Sun 24th           HARVEST THANKSGIVING – 9am Breakfast -Family Parade Service


Therefore watch carefully how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.        Ephesians 5:15-16

WATCH YOUR STEP by Darla Noble

Toward the end of my fourth pregnancy, I left the house one day wearing two different shoes-a black one and a navy blue one. I felt like I had a flashing neon sign pointing to my feet! I’m sure a few people noticed, but I’m equally sure the number of people who noticed was far less than the number of those who did not.

After all, what makes me so special that people would be looking at my feet? If they were looking my way, I hope my smile and attitude were more obvious than my mismatched shoes and the fact that I was “about to pop.”

What do people see when they look at you? Do they see anger or joy? Do they see someone who sees the good in people or a habitual pessimist? Do they see eyes filled with compassion or eyes looking suspiciously to see if someone is truly deserving of the help they are asking for? Do they see someone wearing the armour of God or someone clothed in judgmental self righteousness?

Be one with Jesus. Be like Him. Live like Him. Love like Him. Serve like Him.

Prayer: God. Open my heart and mind to be like Your Son, Jesus. Set me on a path to walk in the way that will lead others to You. In Jesus’ name, I pray,


SILVER END GUIDING GROUP - Contact Carol Hutchings

2nd        Rainbows   Mon

1st        Guides        Mon

2nd        Brownies    Tues.

SILVER TOTS (Baby & Toddler Group) meets Thursday Mornings at 9.45am (Term time)

Carolyn’s Dance Group - Disco/Street Dance Contact Harriet 07855014717

SCOUT GROUP                                      Contact Denise Sullens-Smith 583055

Rangers Meet on Fridays –                             Contact Carol Hutchings 07870 899832






Fellowship Service




Fellowship Service


Fellowship Service




Rev. Malcolm Boulter  Tiptree



Suggested Prayers

‘Carefully, determine what pleases the Lord. Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them…Make the most of every opportunity…Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.’

Ephesians 5:10-17 NLT

We pray for this Country. We pray for all who were elected to serve us. We pray that they will hold their office with honesty and integrity and serve their constituents. We pray especially for the Prime Minister and pray that You Lord will guide and direct them in their leadership. We know that we are going to go through a difficult time. Please give them all your great wisdom.

Please pray for Dorothy Hamilton. Dorothy has had a stroke and is in hospital. Please remember Grant and Adam as they support their Mum. We give thanks that Dorothy has recovered some movement back. Grant say’s she hasn’t lost her sense of humour. We pray for Dorothy’s full recovery.

Give thanks for Anne’s ongoing recovery from her fall and broken hip. She is in good spirits and managing at home incredible well. We miss her very much and look forward to when she will be back amongst us. We also give thanks for the good news that Phil Blowers is progressing. He has been in hospital for 10 weeks! There are others too who are going through tough days, we pray that God might lighten their path and bring healing of body, spirit and mind.

Please continue to remember all who are grieving, we pray for Bob Gordon’s family & friends. Kerry’s husband and children, Lee, Joe & Jessica.

We pray for our village, and the other churches in Silver End. We give thanks that we can share God’s love together. May we extend that to all we meet.

Pray for all who were injured and lost love ones in the terrible fire in London’s Grenfell Tower and also the shocking terrorist attack on London Bridge. Our hearts go out to them all. Lord please draw close to all who are suffering and give them comfort, rest and peace.

Lord, our Redeemer, we praise You for the eternal hope we have through Your death and resurrection. Help us to see Your purposes worked out more clearly in our world through Your church and the ‘common grace’ at work in all humanity each day. Amen