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Galations 6:9

In due season we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up





Evening Worship


Fellowship Service


Evening Worship &

Communion – 6.30pm

Mr. Charles deLacy,




Evening Worship


Rev. Malcolm Boulter,




Evening Worship


Mrs. Norma Huxter






AUGUST  2022     SERVICES at 6.30pm


Evening Worship

Penny Bloom & Bob


Evening Worship

Fellowship Service


Morning Worship 10.30am

Mr. Dexter Slatter

–plus Infant Baptism


Evening Worship

Fellowship Service


He, who runs from God in the morning, will scarcely find Him in the rest of the day.              John Bunyan



What’s On in JULY

Sun 3rd        Fellowship Service           –        18.30

Tues 5th         Prayer in vestry                                09.45-10.00

                     Meet up at Coffee & Chat                   10.00-12.00

Thurs 7th       Knit & Natter                                    10.00-12.00

Sun 10th       Mr. Charles deLacy                          18.30

Tues 12th       Prayer in vestry                                09.45-10.00

                     Meet up at Coffee & Chat followed by   10.00-12.00

Thurs  14th    Knit and Natter                                10.00-12.00

Sat 16th      Jo & Robert’s Wedding               12 noon

Sun 17th      Rev. Malcolm Boulter                  18.30

Tues 19th       Prayer in vestry                                09.45-10.00

                     Meet up at Coffee & Chat                   10.00-12.00

Thurs 21st      Knit & Natter                                    10.00-12.00

Sun 24th       Mrs. Norma Huxter                   18.30

Tues 26th      Prayers in the Vestry                        09.45-10.00

                     Meet up at Coffee & Chat                   10.00-12.00

Thurs 28th     Knit & Natter                                   10.00-12.00



Hopefully you will find time to relax and do something different if you are unable to have a holiday this year. The church has some maintenance jobs that we hope to get done. Please continue to pray for this fellowship and come to our services when you can.

6 Months of the year….already gone by

Where has June gone? The older you get time seems to pass by so quickly, halfway through the year already and we have had the longest day. Fortunately we have enjoyed some lovely summer days too. I stood the other morning with Twiggy our dog over the field looking back onto the new housing estate in Western Road. It was a beautiful morning, the air was soft and warm, the bees were buzzing and it was so quiet, it must have been a Sunday because the traffic noise was minimal. As I stood there I felt so blessed, I looked at all the new houses and wondered about our new neighbours. Above me the sky was blue I watched an aeroplane gliding almost silently along and wondered who was on the plane and where they were going. It was a wonderful moment in time, when I felt so very blessed. A couple of days later, I stood in the very same spot and it was dull, and freezing cold and changed my whole thought process. Isn’t it interesting how our mood changes with the weather; well at least mine seems to. I came across this little poem from the Anchored Magazine. HE is my Sunshine – Based on Psalm 118:27

HE is my Sunshine, My happiness of heart. Shines brightly forth, Radiant, through all my cloudy days. HE is my Sunshine, My Strength, my song. My wonderful LORD, Almighty GOD. HE is my sunshine, my laughter, my joy. Through the storms, His blessing HE does impart.

By Natalie Aspley. This below, ties in too.

The Centre of the Bible ……Did you know these facts?

Q:         What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?

A:          Psalms 117

Q:         What is the longest chapter in the Bible?

A:          Psalm 119

Q           What chapter is in the centre of the Bible?

A:          Psalm 118

Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalm 118 and there are 594 chapters after Psalm 118. Add these numbers up and you get 1188.

Q:         What is the centre verse in the Bible?

A:          Psalm 118

Q:         Does this verse say something significant about God’s perfect will for our lives? The next time someone says they would like to find God’s perfect will for their lives and that they want to be in the centre of his will, just send them to the centre of His Word! Psalm118:8

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man” Now isn’t that odd how this worked out (or was God in the centre of it)?

When things get tough, always remember…faith doesn’t get you around trouble, it gets you through it.  Anon


Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One; give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son…..

Pray for Jo & Robert as they begin their new life together, may they know God’s blessing on them.

Pray for the Church throughout this Country. As church’s shut and congregations diminish, we need revival for ourselves, but also pray that the Lord will equip leaders and raise up Evangelists to preach the Good News of the Gospel. Please pray for this fellowship, we find ourselves in the above position.

Remember those known to us personally and this fellowship who need our support and prayers at this time. We pray for Eve, Iris, Shelia, Val, Brenda, Judy, Roy, Rose, Margaret, Michael, Jo & Robert.  Remember all who grieve at this time, there are a number of people who have died locally and we pray they will know God’s comfort and support.



The month of June started with H.M. the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and I enjoyed everything on the TV and our own village celebrations. A big thank you to Sandra, Pam, Jim and Dan for their help in decorating the church for the occasion. What a great time we all had and the weather was so kind. Our celebrations started on the Tuesday with Coffee and Chat’s ‘Special Party’ Denise had baked scones all day on the Monday for us on Tuesday, with Mandy’s help. We all dressed in our finery to celebrate our wonderful Queen. She did actually make an appearance, thanks to Pat’s family and Carol who lent us cardboard cut-outs. Lots of photo’s were taken with Her Majesty. Our winners for the best dressed were Jenny, who dressed as the Queen and her sister who was the Queens Guard and Geoff in his patriotic clothing. Mandy gave us a brilliant Royal Quiz, we toasted the Queen and sang the National Anthem. Everyone enjoyed their beautifully presented homemade scones, cream, jam and strawberries. A very big thank you, to Denise and Mandy for all their hard work to make and mark this a special occasion. Saturday’s village event was a huge success, to see so many people come out and enjoy just being together made all the work worthwhile. Everything got sold out, which I think was a first. I heard the dog show was a highlight, I am sorry I missed that. Well done Silverenders!!

As we are on the Thank you’s. I like to try and say thank you to people who help out quietly without being asked. I would like to thank Gloria who has been a big help to me and very supportive on a Sunday evening. Val and Geoff are very helpful behind the scenes too. Daphne continues to work very hard in the garden and has finished the huge hedge that runs along the alley. She is working her way around the perimeter of the garden. Duncan next door gifted us an old oil drum which he had turned into an incinerator, so we did start to burn some of the huge pile of cuttings until we got shouted at by a church neighbour, who then went on to report us to the police environment officer. I have spoken to the officer and received a letter about the complaint, it just upsets you that people are so quick to complain. As I have mentioned in past years the grounds of the church are huge and hard to maintain with so few of us to look after it. Daphne has gone over and above putting hours and hours of voluntary work in. I just hope that the church will be able to keep everything looking so neat and tidy. As treasurer and Deacon of the church I am very worried about the future. We are an independent church which enabled us to open up a year ago to re-start the coffee mornings, where many other churches with a hierarchy were not able too. But with that independence comes all the responsibility of keeping the church open and therefore letting people use our facilities. I know many of you come along to things like Coffee and Chat and Knit & Natter, we would be delighted to see you on a Sunday evening at our services, to help support the church and keep it open for all.

Just on a sadder note for those who love animals and understand how hard it is to lose them especially when unexpected. Jo has lost her little dachshund, he was only 3 and died suddenly, also Ann at coffee morning has lost her little Jack Russell in similar circumstances and we had to say goodbye to our little Border Terrier Indie last week, he was 16 and my last link to my mum and dad. Pets are such a huge part of our family and they leave a massive hole in our lives.


 NEED INFORMATION? Listed below are some helpful numbers

CHURCH CONTACTS- on line – www.silverendcongregationalchurch.org

Church Open                     Tuesday            10.00 – 12 noon

Coffee & Chat                    Tuesday            10.00 - 12 noon

Open Book                         1st & 3rd Wednesday       10.30 – 11.30am Re-start Sept.

Church Secretary & Enquiries                Mrs. J. Bartlett         Tel.561959

Church Treasurer                                        Mrs. S. Gray              Tel. 07710 285214

                                                e.mail             sharon@silverend.org

Church Telephone No.            01376 584306       Post Code CM8 3QF (Silver Street)

Silver End Guiding Group        Contact Mrs. Carol Hutchings 07857 663959

Rainbows, Guides, Brownies, Rangers

Tues.         Silver Swans Movement Class 11.00-12pm             Contact Gemma 07597 649240

Wed.         Carolyn’s Dance Group - Disco/Street Dance           Contact Harriet 07855 014717

Thurs.       SILVER TOTS (Baby & Toddler Group) at 9.45am- Nikki 07809 761902 (Term Time)

Thurs.       Knit & Natter Thursday 10.00 – 12 noon    Contact, Barbara 01376 585467

SCOUT GROUP    Dan Sutton (Scout Leader)    dan@silverend-scouts.org.uk     07970 730636